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Hochiminh City - Saigon Day Trip

Ho Chi Minh City (Former name Saigon) - The French nickname their dear city, “Pearl of the far East”. Chinese immigrants call it “Cho Lon”, meaning “Big market”. Hochiminh city tour , Saigon daily tour , Hochiminh city package tours, Hochiminh city map , Hochiminh city photos, There’s a lot to discover in and around Ho Chi Minh City. If you have already planned your holiday there, you can spice up your stay with the one-or-two half, or full-day excursions. Excursions for all tastes can be booked with some of the most popular being the Saigon half-day tour, the Cu Chi Tunnels Experience tour. Absorb both recent and ancient history in this vibrant place.
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Ho Chi Minh City is the largest city in Vietnam and informally referred to as Saigon. It is remarkable for the harmonious blending of traditional values with northern and western cultural features. Skyscrapers dot the city and everywhere are the signs of growing status cars, mobile phones, upscale cafes, fine dining and trendy nightlife. And yet the city still retains a uniquely Vietnamese feel with the hustle and bustle of the local markets, incessant horns and local vendors on every street corner.
Today, Saigon is the big tourism center as well as the commerce and financial hub, attracting a large number of business and leisure travel to Vietnam. The city now boasts a Sheraton, a Continental, a Park Hyatt and a Renaissance. Guests at the top hotels are routinely picked up from the airport in imported top-of-the-range S-Class Mercedes-Benz limousines. Vietnam’s luxury hospitality is now international-standard.

Hochiminh city weather

Located in South Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City city has a tropical climate. The average humidity level is 75%, average temperature is 28 °C. The city is generally warm, and has a monsoon season from May to November and a dry season from December to April.

During the rainy season starting from May to November, rains can be long and heavy, but often are short daily rains that clear quickly. Generally, the best time to visit is during the dry season from December and April, although the coolest months are October through December.

What to do

One factor that makes Ho Chi Minh City exceptional is the contrast between the old and the new. This is the country’s business centre, and there are many areas under development, but there are also many places and buildings from earlier eras that are well preserved and well worth visiting to see the French colonial influences as well as ancient Buddhist sites. From fine art (Mariamman Hindu Temple) to war memorabilia (Cu Chi Tunnels, War Remnants Museum), the list of things to see in Ho Chi Minh City is seemingly endless.

In addition, Saigon is a good starting point for excursions to the Mekong delta or nearby beaches of Phu Quoc, Phan Thiet (Mui Ne), Vung Tau, Long Hai.


Ho Chi Minh City’s entertainment industry is growing fast, though it’s still not a city for round-the-clock entertainment – most places close soon after midnight. But what’s available is quality fun.
There is a wide variety of pubs and bars, especially in the city center, and the number of discos and clubs with regular live music is booming.
Some of these are must-visits for newcomers, especially those traveling alone who may want to make new friends and meet local people

Most Popular Areas in Ho Chi Minh

Pham Ngu Lao Street in Ho Chi Minh City : The Pham Ngu Lao area of District 1 is where most backpacking travelers first land in Ho Chi Minh City. It’s a similar scene to Southeast Asia's most famous backpacking centre, Khao San Road in Bangkok, but on a smaller scale. The main thoroughfares (with lots of lanes and back alleys) that make up the popular area include Pham Ngu Lao, De Tham, Bui Vien and Do Quang Dao streets.
These are where tourists can find Western-style eateries and bars, countless travel agencies, cheap guesthouses (as well as many of the so-called ‘mini-hotel’ buildings usually with six to seven floors, rarely offering an elevator), internet shops, pharmacies and souvenir-and-craft shops.
Pham Ngu Lao street is not limited to only low-budget travelers. Its own unique vibe draws people from everywhere. Visitors sometime prefer to enjoy local street food or do nothing but people watching over the incredibly cheap bia hoi draught beer on the roadside as there is always something going on in Pham Ngu Lao street .

Pham Ngu Lao strees as can be imagined, also has interesting nightlife entertainment spots including Allez Boo and Le Pub as well as many smaller pubs known for their cheap drinks. It’s common around here to meet some friendly expats who are more than willing to share a few tips about travelling in and beyond Vietnam

Take advantage also of the restaurants in the Pham Ngu Lao Area as they’re known for delicious and well-priced food.

Saigon center: The colourful and buzzing city centre of Ho Chi Minh City ( Vietnamese call Saigon center ) is also known as District 1. This is where you will find great food, bargain-heavy (and trendy) shopping and fun nightlife. Being the main commercial hub of Saigon (as most locals still prefer to call HCMC), life here is upbeat, both day and night.
If you’re looking for a fun night out, the city centre is where you will find it. This entertainment playground basically never sleeps and is easy to get around in. Karaoke can be spotted all over the place while live music is as popular as ever, with no shortage of pop, rock, jazz and blues joints. Visitors will have no problem finding late-night discotheques and nightclubs, too.

Shopping downtown in HCMC is an experience not to be missed, not least of all because prices are extremely cheap compared to most western countries. It has lovely boulevards featuring sidewalk cafes located side by side with lifestyle stores making shopping even more attractive.

Though luxury brands (Louis Vuitton anyone?) can be found at Opera View Tower Shopping Mall, Vincom Centre and Milano Shopping Centre nothing can beat the bargain hunting at the City Centre’s hottest attraction, Ben Thanh Market. Before going anywhere near there, make sure your luggage has enough room for new clothes, silk, shoes, sunglasses, handbags and accessories as well as Vietnamese art and lacquer ware.




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