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Nam Cat Tien

Cat Tien National Park is one of six biosphere reserves recognized by UNESCO in Vietnam. Here visitors can find one of only two Ramsar wetland areas in Vietnam (@ BauSau / Crocodile Lake). The park is home to a large verity of beautiful birds, reptiles, amphibians and insects. Visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy the amazingly rich biodiversity of a tropical rainforest that seethe with life when you venture into its bosom. There is also a small community of ethnic minority people from Stieng and Ma tribe living in the surrounding boundaries of the park.

  • Nam Cat Tien Homestay
  • Nam Cat Tien Homestay
  • Homestay in Nam Cat Tien Eco Forest
  • Nam Cat Tien Homestay
  • Nam Cat Tien homestay

Nam Cat Tien Jungle Lodge

Cat Tien Jungle Lodge offers our more inquisitive & energetic guests various adventure tours to discover one of only two ... ...view more




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